Considering dental implants and confused about “Teeth in a Day” vs. our 24-hour permanent smile? At Ponce Dental, we offer a superior alternative designed for your comfort and convenience. Here’s a detailed comparison to help you understand the differences.

Traditional “Teeth in a Day”

The Process

“Teeth in a Day” typically involves fitting temporary acrylic dentures immediately after implant surgery. These temporary teeth are often bulky and can break easily, requiring multiple adjustments and visits over several months before permanent teeth are placed.

  1. Temporary Acrylic Dentures: On the day of surgery, a temporary denture is attached to your implants.
  2. Adjustments Needed: Due to manual fitting, multiple adjustments may be required.
  3. Long Waiting Period: It may take up to 10 months to receive permanent teeth.
  4. Potential Weakness: Acrylic dentures are prone to fractures and require careful handling.

Ponce Dental’s 24-Hour Permanent Smile

The Process

At Ponce Dental, we offer permanent teeth within 24 hours after surgery. This process eliminates the need for temporary dentures and provides durable, aesthetically pleasing teeth made from high-quality materials.

  1. Digital Planning and Pre-Scanning: Using 3D CT scanners and advanced digital tools, we map your mouth for precise implant placement.
  2. Color and Style Selection: You choose the color, shape, and style of your new teeth to ensure a natural look.
  3. Comfortable Sedation: On surgery day, our experienced team ensures you are comfortably asleep during the procedure.
  4. Overnight Lab Work: Our in-house lab crafts your permanent teeth overnight.
  5. Permanent Teeth Fitting: The next day, your custom-made permanent teeth are attached to your implants.

Benefits of Ponce Dental’s Approach

  • Quick Turnaround: Receive permanent teeth within 24 hours, eliminating long waiting periods.
  • Durability: Our permanent teeth are made from strong, FDA-approved materials like zirconia, which are far more durable than acrylic.
  • Precision Fit: Advanced digital mapping ensures a precise fit, enhancing comfort and functionality.
  • Natural Aesthetics: Slim design and natural look make the teeth feel and appear like your natural teeth.
  • Stable Healing: Provides a stable base for implant healing, allowing you to enjoy a soft food diet immediately post-surgery.

Advantages Over Traditional Methods

  1. No Temporary Teeth: Avoid the hassle and fragility of temporary acrylic dentures.
  2. Reduced Appointments: Fewer visits are required, as permanent teeth are placed immediately.
  3. Higher Quality Materials: Zirconia provides superior strength and longevity.
  4. Enhanced Comfort: Digital precision ensures a better fit and comfort.


Choosing Ponce Dental’s 24-hour permanent smile offers a faster, more durable, and more comfortable alternative to traditional “Teeth in a Day” methods. Our advanced techniques and patient-focused care ensure you achieve a beautiful, lasting smile in just 24 hours. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you regain your confidence with our innovative dental implant solutions.

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