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Custom-Made Dental Bridges in Atlanta, GA: Your Solution for Missing Teeth at Ponce Dental Studio

In the realm of restorative dentistry, dental bridges are a popular solution to replace missing teeth. At Ponce Dental Studio in Atlanta, GA, we elevate this solution by crafting custom-made dental bridges using one of the strongest dental materials available – Zirconia.

Dental Bridges in Atlanta

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A dental bridge is a dental appliance composed of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap (anchoring teeth) and a false tooth/teeth in between. The anchoring teeth are also known as “abutment teeth,” while the false teeth are termed as “pontics.” Dental bridges can be supported by natural teeth or implants, depending on the patient’s condition and preferences.

In-House Design and Fabrication: Ponce Dental Studio's Innovation

At Ponce Dental Studio, we elevate dental restorations by designing and milling our Zirconia bridges in our in-house lab. This innovative approach ensures quicker delivery, fewer appointments, and an overall enhanced patient experience. Plus, we uphold strict quality control at each stage of the fabrication process.

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Dental Bridges: Strength and Aesthetics Combined

Zirconia, a highly durable material known for its toughness and resistance to wear, is our material of choice for creating dental bridges. Its high translucency and color blending ability allow Zirconia bridges to mimic the natural appearance of your teeth, giving you a restoration that is both strong and aesthetically pleasing.

Restoring Your Smile: The Benefits of Zirconia Dental Bridges

Zirconia dental bridges offer a range of benefits beyond just filling the void left by missing teeth. They provide excellent strength, long-lasting durability, and a natural look that blends seamlessly with your remaining teeth. With a Zirconia bridge, you can enjoy improved chewing ability, a well-balanced bite, and a restored, confident smile.

Moreover, dental bridges prevent the remaining natural teeth from drifting out of position, maintaining the alignment of your smile and reducing the risk of further dental complications.


A Zirconia dental bridge is a dental restoration made from Zirconia, known for its strength and natural appearance. It replaces missing teeth by bridging the gap with Zirconia crowns and pontics.

Zirconia bridges combine strength and aesthetics. They offer outstanding durability, wear resistance, and a natural look that closely matches your existing teeth. In certain situations, a dental implant is not an option due to medical concerns, lack of bone, or allergies to metals. Furthermore, the adjacent teeth need an intervention, and this would be a more practical and economical solution to have a fixed prosthesis. It is important to discuss these options with your dentist to determine what is the best option for you.

At Ponce Dental Studio, we design and mill our Zirconia bridges in our own facility. This streamlines the process, reducing wait times and ensuring the highest quality control throughout the process.

Zirconia dental bridges restore the function and aesthetics of your smile. They improve chewing efficiency, maintain facial structure, prevent remaining teeth from shifting, and enhance your overall smile appearance.

At Ponce Dental Studio in Atlanta, GA, our commitment to high-quality, efficient dental solutions is evident in our custom-made Zirconia dental bridges, designed and fabricated right here in our in-house lab.

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