Traditional Wax Try-Ins: The Drawbacks

In traditional “Teeth in a Day” procedures, the wax try-in phase is often overlooked. Here, temporary acrylic dentures are placed first, requiring multiple adjustments and significant time before permanent teeth are fitted. This process can involve uncomfortable and inconvenient fittings with wax dentures that are melted and reshaped several times to achieve a proper fit.

How Ponce Dental Does It Differently

At Ponce Dental, we skip the wax try-in phase altogether. Our process begins with a Smile Design appointment before surgery, where we map out your mouth using advanced scanning technology. After surgery, we use 3D digital modeling to create your permanent teeth, ensuring a precise fit without the need for temporary dentures or repeated adjustments. Your permanent teeth are crafted in our in-house lab and placed within 24 hours of surgery.

Benefits of Our Approach

  • No Temporary Dentures: Avoid the hassle of temporary solutions and get permanent teeth immediately.
  • Precision Fit: Advanced digital mapping ensures a perfect fit from the start.
  • Faster Results: Receive your permanent teeth within 24 hours, eliminating long waiting periods and multiple appointments.


At Ponce Dental, we prioritize efficiency and comfort by providing immediate, high-quality permanent teeth without the cumbersome wax try-in phase. Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative approach can transform your dental implant experience.

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