Ash Toub, Practice Administrator

Behind The Smiles: The Story of Ash Toub

Ash Toub

Ash Toub is a seasoned dental professional, entrepreneur, and visionary with a reputation as the “Patient Whisperer.” Raised in Vancouver, Canada, Ash initially pursued a career in business and hospitality management, finding joy in providing people with memorable dining experiences. However, he discovered a deeper satisfaction in the field of dentistry, where he could gift people with confident smiles and a newfound sense of self-esteem.

In his professional journey, Ash has held numerous C-level and other executive roles at various dental organizations. His innovative approach to client interactions led him to establish a dental customer service center focusing on phone calls, billing, and other patient support services. Being technology-driven, he has also invested in numerous startups aimed at enhancing the customer journey in dentistry.

Ash’s values are simple yet powerful: treat people right, always do the right thing, and lead by example. His empathy and pay-it-forward mentality have not only guided his professional decisions but also made him a source of inspiration to his colleagues and team.

In his personal life, Ash enjoys the great outdoors with his wife, two dogs, and his soon-to-arrive baby girl. His love for cooking and sharing meals with loved ones mirrors his professional commitment to serving others.

Now, as he embarks on a new journey with Ponce Dental Studio, Ash and the team aim to redefine dental care standards. By bringing all lab work in-house for quality control and creating an environment where both patients and dental professionals can thrive, they aspire to establish the best dental practice in the country.

Known for his dedication to solving problems and uplifting patient experiences, Ash has consistently risen to the top of his organizations, winning awards for leadership and the best customer service at his practices. Despite managing hundreds of offices, doctors, and team members, he chose to concentrate his energy within the four walls of Ponce Dental Studio. His goal is to pour every ounce of his energy into creating the best dental practice possible, using the lessons he’s learned throughout his career.

Two figures have particularly influenced Ash’s journey: Dr. Nia and his brother, Dr. Farid Toub. Their commitment to their patients and their representation of the practice inspire him to be the best version of himself every day.

With a vision to revolutionize dentistry and a deep connection to his patients, Ash Toub is a beacon of service and innovation in the field. His journey, marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a heartfelt desire to serve, inspires those around him and redefines what it means to provide dental care.

Ash Toub
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